The site MATARSAUDADES.COM born of the will of a set of Portuguese, from different backgrounds and professions, who decided to enhance the quality of Portuguese products and market them in an area without borders through the development of an online store that allows purchase and choose to receive your order at home, at work or in another place of collection, always with maximum convenience and comfort, just tell us the location of your choice. Thus, Portugal will be just a click away!

In the MATARSAUDADES.COM is a wide range of food items, where our greatest concern was to select the best products of the most reputable Portuguese brands under the slogan "Buy what is ours!". We do not sell pastéis de nata, but we sell ham, chorizo, tulicreme, rice, sausage, cod, spices, crackers, traditional dishes…

Deliver in Europe on a simplified model, particularly in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Croatia. €5 continental Portugal, 10€ to mainland Spain, and €20 for the other destinations, by order. For the rest of the world applies a table to the weight that can check after registration and the weight of each order according to the destination address. In any case the value of the Charter of businesses is 100€ for export outside of Europe as soon all the sending will have an extra transport costs always never less than 120€.

(If you do not find the country of their residence in the list Contact us to offer an estimate of costs).

If you have a shop, café, restaurant, or are thinking about launching your business in a country of the European Union, and both products for resale have special conditions for themselves. If you are interested/contact us at Geral@matarsaudades.com prices, delivery service, fast and cheap, in matarsaudades.com we send Portugal in a little box! We hope your suggestions and good shopping in matarsaudades.com .

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